Teaching guitar is incredibly rewarding. We are musicians, and to spend our time playing, teaching, and learning music while we work, that is a very fortunate situation to be in. A lot of the time our students will have different tastes than our own, and that is a great thing for us. It forces us to learn different techniques and styles that we may not otherwise. However, it can also be a lot of fun when a student stumbles in and happens to love some of the same bands and songwriters as yourself. This is the case with a new adult student of ours. This fella came all the way out from Vancouver to White Rock. We had our first lesson last night and the first artist he mentioned was Doug Paisley. I've been listening to a ton of Doug as of late, a truly great Canadian songwriter. Maybe we'll learn this tune together, its a beauty. 

I'm going to post two versions of this tune. One is Doug solo and you can really get a feel for the guitar work. The other is from the record which is really outstanding. The record version has Garth Hudson from 'The Band' playing incredible lines on the Organ. Enjoy! - Bob.

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